The Pilgrimage

I will code a game for you!


Hi, my name is Filcius and I want to ask you some questions about what you would like in a game so I can code it for you!

It will only take a few days or so and it will be available to play!

Mary stucked

I have this cool idea for a boss fight.

Imagine this: Thomas's wife is stuck on the conveyor belt. The trick is that you need to position yourself and aim correctly to avoid hurting his wife.

We absolutely need your help, Christa (the Artist Lead) and I have been fighting between two art concepts and we need you to resolve this issue.

Are you game?Thomas ready to fight

Wait a minute... I need a way to show you the result when it is ready.
Let me see, where is that button?
Not that one!
Ha ha! Here it is!

I will send you the result when it is ready, in a few days. I hope you will like it!

What is your name?


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