The Pilgrimage


Moving Thomas (The Main Character)

Click on the map and Thomas will walk in a straight line up to that point. He will try to go around some obstacles, but he usually needs your guidance.

Click again, even while he is walking, to make him move towards another point.

WARNING: This is a prototype and some glitches remain.

Non-battle interactions

Click on an object/person to interact with it. The cursor will show you if an interaction is possible or not.

Battle interactions

Each character has a yellow bar above their head (the recovery bar). When the bar is full, they are ready to do an action.

  1. Each time Thomas can start a new action, the game will pause.
  2. Choose one of the available actions on the left. Then, aim on the screen and left click. You can also use the shortcut key written inside the square brackets.
  3. Each skill has a maximum range. If the mouse cursor is too far away, the skill will be aimed in that direction at maximum range.
  4. Once you select an action, there may be a charging time, which is represented by a loading blue bar.
  5. While the skill is charging, you will see the chosen target with a red overlay, and its path with a yellow overlay.
  6. After Thomas completes an action, the recovery bar will be empty. If Thomas does not move his maximum distance, the bar may still be partially full.
  7. You may pause/unpause at any time.

Save Game

You may save your game by telling your story to the Pilgrim's statue.

The game is auto-saved before major fights, so you may restart from there if you die.

The prototype is not too long, so you will not need to save your game, even if this feature exists.

For the protype, saved games are stored in the http session, which means that they may be lost if you close your web browser or don't interact with the game for a long time.

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